Who we are

The story of TextMagic started back in 2001 when mobile phones were completely changing the way people interacted with each other. What initially started as a side-project grew into an SMS company with over 20 years of experience helping businesses improve communications and mobile marketing by sending and receiving text messages online. 

As of now, we boast 3,000+ trial customers acquired per month and a 33% trial to paid customer conversion. Our compound annual growth rate is 48% and annual sales run-rate $11.6M. 

Being a one-person company at the very beginning, TextMagic's present team consists of more than 40 professional and passionate people from all over the world.  

Currently, we have offices in the United Kingdom, Estonia, Romania, Russia, and we are looking to expand and establish a new office in Ukraine. 

Our ambitions

Now we are on our way to expand. Instead of one service (business texting), we will provide our customers a range of business-critical tools.

We will: 

  • Build a suite of complementary SaaS tools (in progress);
  • Become known for useful SaaS products that get the job done;  
  • Become an indispensable service to our customers;   
  • Significantly grow our customer base (our revenue goal is $100m by 2030);  
  • Gain a reputation as a company that loves its customers and its employees.

Our values

  • A highly competitive salary and all the personal equipment you need to do the job.
  • There will be no unhealthy expectations of you. When you leave the office at 5 pm, you leave your work behind.
  • We want you to enjoy your life – your family, friends, and hobbies – as well as your work.
  • The office is a calm and focused place to work. We’re here to ship, not to stress.
  • We always listen to everyone’s reasoned opinion about better ways to create the product, about using more effective technologies and solutions.
  • We are a team of professional and friendly people who will give you a hand in any situation.

Join us

Project Manager
Omsk, Российская Федерация Business Development
Värbaja - Recruiter (Tallinn)
Tallinn, Эстония People & HR
Senior SaaS Product UX/UI Designer (Figma)
Tallinn, Эстония Product & Design
Middle/Senior QA Engineer
Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация Engineering
PPC Specialist, Bucharest (Saas & Web-Apps Industry)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
Senior Back-End Developer (PHP7, Symfony 5, PostgreSQL) copy
Omsk, Российская Федерация Engineering
Outreach Specialist (Saas & Web-Apps Industry)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
User Acquisition Manager (Saas & Web-Apps Industry)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
Full Stack SaaS Copywriter (In-house Agency)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
Software Product Manager (SaaS)
Tallinn, Эстония Product & Design
Marketing Project Manager (In-House Agency)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
Affiliate Program Manager (Saas & Web-Apps Industry)
Bucharest, Румыния Marketing
Front-End Developer (Vue.js, Typescript, SPA)
Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация Engineering
Senior Back-End Developer (PHP7, Symfony 5, PostgreSQL)
Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация Engineering

Our offices

Omsk Office

Our first developers center

Novosibirsk Office

Newly established developers center

Marketing office

Our marketing team resides here and that's the place where they do their magic.

Kyiv Office

Our planned brand-new office

HQ Office

This is our main managing facility and support hub